Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The code: What do you guys think?

Da Vinci Code is a work of fiction. I do however understand how the religious feel about it attacking the church's central pillar of belief. The very claim in the book is that Jesus was a mortal man who was married and had children. This is absolutely contrary to the divinity of Christ as the church professes. However, such attacks of fiction should only serve to prove to strengten one's catholic faith. No feeble attempt like someone's book of fiction should change my entire belief system!! What good is my faith then?!?
Sure the fiction is flawed but nobody said that the story is real. What Dan Brown has very cleverly done (and this has caused all the controversy) is that in the beggining of the book, he has mentioned that all references to documentation in the book are true. However, what he failed to mention is that the interpretations of these documents are not true in the sense that there are a vast number of interpretations and he has chosen only one of them.
So I say: Go watch the movie, have fun but go to confession the next day praying that your soul may not be damned for all eternity in the cold darkness of hell just because you wanted a little entertainment.


girls loo with 3 mirrors. grills through which you can see beyond if you really want to. a cat in the woods. a cat in the foyer. a crow. with not much hair. girls with not much hair. me. the rare 'ah boy'. creaky floorboards. the faces on the chapel door. gum stuck at the very bottom of the bin. for nearly a year. corrections made on the menu at the chinese counter. ropes strung here and there. falling debris. chicken dripping with colour. terry's office with only one mirror. but with 3 brushes. and books. and paints. and paper. and T.
GCR with its sarvajanik lipstick. and two mirrors. table and wooden screen. so many saris, draped and done away with as soon as we were done showing off. the mermaid with her moocch. slip sliding on the smooth floor. and suddenly i spot an owl. and a heron? a cat and a mouse. imbedded. and then some turpentine. fusen.
'garam hai'...and he hands me an unwanted plate of dosa....
sessions of multiple 'aww-awwing' as the cat stares at all that food. bandana days. staying over. sleeping over? sleepless in xaviers. another banner...another piece of cloth. for yet another event. holla. malhar malhar. and then they all rush outside..its the red bull girl.
sweet home...alabama? we nod our heads. and head home.
poles that jut into the room. my god follows me and then sits right on top of all that chalky dusty messy green. tugging, hoping. tugging again at bits of cloth. they might, they may morph into much more than straps.
and then the projector screws up all the colours...and a brilliant project goes all yellow. the chairs lie bare. the padding below me. 30 winks. lucky ones get the beds. and the pretty loo. tiles and hindware. malhar malhar. malheur?
then they sell their tickets. and then they flood the halls. and then he rows. and then she wails. way-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la. god. and then the curtains falls. or rather they dont. its all over.

i miss it all so much.
june june....lets wait for june.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Rarely Touch The Ground

Hey guys,
NIce to be part of the blog. It feels like everything is downhill after Xavier's [sigh]
N i think we all sort of experienced it at our examination centers, rite? But the nostalgia thing has been done to death on this and other blogs so I shall start boring u'll with other stuff!

This is one of my [ahem] compositions that I like to think of as songs, not poems;
Geets , i know U particularly like this one..

Rarely Touch The Ground©

I’m so doped up, I always see double,
…tell u what man, that’s the least of my troubles
Don’t know where I’m going, Don’t know where I’m from,
It doesn’t really matter, I’m always lost and found..
…coz I rarely rarely rarely touch the ground
….. rarely touch the ground

Jus this Friday, I had run-in with my wife
(wait a minute, waz it Tuesday?)
it went something like, “wat u doin with your life?”
All I heard waz bells, I‘d had hit a lot of rounds,
Knew she waz sayin sometin,
But I heard no sound
…coz I rarely rarely rarely touch the ground
….. rarely touch the ground

got no acquaintance with ny date or time
don need a reason, don even need a rhyme
(see officer, I can walk a straight line!)
I cudn’t care less if my music is too loud,
I don go to no shrine, where I stand is holy ground!!
…coz I rarely rarely rarely touch the ground
….. rarely touch the ground

Fade away:
…………………………….. rarely rarely rarely touch the ground

…..very rarely touch the ground
……………………………………………….touch the ground

……………………………..…………………………….. rarely rarely rarely rarely rarely rarely….

watch this space!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Swinging 90's

Reminincing bout college one of fondest memories is of the Acapella groups fighting it out to win any of the various group singing competitions.. ( 1995 - 2000). Their favourite practive spot was the spiral staircase behind the girls loo... on the second floor (where the door opens out to the gym) i loved that dusty spot and it was quiet enough for acapella.
some of the favourites were
Dream- Everly Brothers
In the Still of the night
scarborough fair
Gerald, Neuman, Dean, Carlton(Tenor), Nadir (Bass), Karl Mendonca, Sean Gomes... those were a days..
And of course Gerry and Neuman went on to form the Conchordes.
Just curious to know if there are any more acapella groups around?


For those of you who dont know:

Acappella music is vocal music or singing without instrumental accompaniment, or a piece intended to be performed in this way. A cappella is Italian for from the chapel (music); the term is due to restrictions on the use of instruments in medieval churches. It is often misspelled as a capella, which is not the Latin spelling, or even acappella.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Need an opinion...


I'm a SYJC arts student and was just wondering if an Eco-Stats-Comm option is good for someone who didn't opt for Maths for 2 years... But absolutely LOVES eco...

Could really be grateful, if someone could help...


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

light brigade

i was online today, and this random guy adds me (and i add him cos i thought i knew him...not too good with names) and starts talking.
once i realised that i dont really know him i told him so and put an end to the convo (5 lines count?).
he said "but i thought xavierites were bold!"

if u think this entry is well, silly, then u can take it off.....but its just so funny, and scary how those outside label us.
why the us
and why the them

the difference a building can make. a pretty one. an old one.



You may have noticed that the sidebar of St Xaviers(online) has been filled with many things. Of them, I wish to draw your attention to a little link saying Xaviers 2006. This is a link to another Xaviers-centered blog, established by some of our students.

If you know of any other such site or blog, do not hesitate to inform me. You may email the link to my address: or

Happy Blogging!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

What do you miss most about SXC?

Here is the poll, that was talked about in the last post.
[If CyberFraiser wants, it can be shifted in the side bar]

[Edited: The poll has been shifted to the sidebar, so that it stay visible in the future]
Thanks to all those who voted as well DC

*Edited by Cyber Frasier*

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