Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Just a few months
Of having known you
But know you’ve made an impact
The late night chats
The cries of greeting in the foyer
The meals shared
The promises made
The promises broken
Poetry exchanged
Lessons learnt
Abuses hurled
But never meant
The flushy that didn’t quite go down
Arguments had
Decisions made
The books read and discussed
Disagreements and laughter
That went hand in hand
Artwork created
Always appreciated
Or criticized constructively
New loves found
Permanent joys
The “get well soon”s received
The bitchings about authority
The cold coffees
The butter sadas
The kurta shopping
The movies that made us laugh
The silence that brought tears
To ever-forgiving eyes
Telephonic conversations
That lasted for hours
Philosophies mulled over
The cosmos explored
The cab rides shared
The walks through shifty alleys
Desk duty at college fests
Plays acted in
Plays reminisced about
Parties attended
Events ranted about
Ambitions brought into light
Praise showered
The moments of seclusion
The help offered
The advice given
Photographs taken
And promptly shared
Music made but then destroyed
Eyebrows raised
On traditional day
Angry glares exchanged
Books borrowed stories told of days long gone
Nicknames revealed
Creativity discovered
Memories of breakfasts
That we never had
Prize winning exhibitions
Schemes that we hatched
Blogs explored
Anger vented
Egos dented
Energies spented
It just won’t be the same.

-1125 hrs
24th Jan '06

Friday, February 24, 2006

Exam Timetable!

Hello all you TYs out there,

the exam time table is out on the Mumbai University Site. Exams start 22nd, so get cracking(and that doesn't mean 'get doped')

I've given the physics timetable below, anyone else can post theirs too, or ask CF to add it to this one:

Subject: Physics

22 Paper1(Rajesh,Veda)

25 Paper3(Pattu/Divan)

29 Paper4(Jyoti/Mistry)

3 AC1

4 Paper2(Veda/Bodhu)

10 AC2

best o luck!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


man ends up takin the lives of animals and birds around him without even knowin it!

durin my chem exams on monday, thr was a lot of ruckus outside the lab. we stepped out w/ the prof and saw some fire dept guys w/ a huge ladder against a tree in the woods. we soon learned tht a bird was stuck in the tree. rumors said it was thr for 2 days. i took permission from sir and went out to hav a closer look. i saw a kite (the bird, not the toy!) hanging from the tree. its left wing appeared to hav been caught in something. aftr an agonisingly long wait, they got it down. its wing had a deep cut in it. the culprit? maanja from the kites we fly. it cut deep into the bird's wing.

it didnt protest or resist the fireman. i believe it was rushed 2 the vet. hope it survives.

"somewhere i can taste the salt of the seathere's a kite blowing out of control on the breeze
i wonder what's gonna happen to u
u wonder wht has happened to me"
-U2 (kite, from the album 'all that you can't leave behind')

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Porn vs Art : A SYBMM survey

Well some SYBMM students conducted a "Porn vs Art" survey just the previous day, round the corner. It was quite appealing on how people might think just with the on look of a pic for it to be porn or a piece of art.

Some of the pic's were indeed an exclusively artistic... but nonetheless the mentality from generation-to-generation differs. These really were some awesome pic's and it was then indeed difficult to differ art from porn 'coz they all were then formidable to distinguish about.

Well they must have got quite some response.... but the imp thing is that most of the pic were thought to giving a stand for itself as porn but they were quite artistic when put to a thought.

Anyways thats the newest happening in xaviers round the clock. Otherwise its just missing the crowd... i mean today the foyer was empty, mess- empty, library as usaul- mostly empty.... and as the prac's of fy's was going on, the day was just grossed out.... and to add to that, the heat couldnt just keep it down, could it!

well, thats todays upto the thought thingy.

Heats up people!!

Rules of the Game

Good day students.

Now as I look through the posts on our Xaviers Blog, I can't help but notice a lot of you leaving arbid posts (which I have since deleted). Now, while Xaviers has always encouraged students to be creative, we must draw the line at vandalism.

With regards to this, I have decided to introduce the concept of marking posts that I find do NOT go with the spirit of Xaviers. So, henceforth, those posts which I find unworthy, will be marked (said marking will be done in the comments section). Users and visitors are then welcome to post comments on whether the post should be allowed to stay or deserves to go. Please note that this facility is only for those posts marked by me. Comments on unmarked posts in favour of their removal will not be entertained. After a period of 5 days, I shall come to the decision (based on the comments) of deleting or allowing the post.

Another thing that I must bring into light is the fact that a lot of our members would request privacy and prefer to remain anonymous. So, keeping this in mind, I would request all of you to not mention our contributers by their real name. I am creating a database of members who's identities are public and those who prefer to operate from behind a veil. At Xaviers, it is very important for us to respect the views and choices of others.

So, I ask all of our contributers to mail me at xaviersblog@hotmail.com or xaviersblog@gmail.com and give us your information for the database (info should include Name, Year, Subjects, and in the case of ex-students, Year of passing). Also let me know if you wish to reveal yourself or not. Those who choose to be open about their ID's shall have their ID's and names displayed on a seperate post by me so that others may know who they are. This post shall be constantly updated.

Thank you students.
Wish you all the best for the coming exams.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Black Coffee

The coffee was black with a smooth brown yellow froth over it, bubbles on the surface parted the froth to reveal the existence of the black beneath. The froth, I always tell my self will talk to me about the mornings I spent in the woods of the St.Xavier's College sipping black coffee on a yellow chair. The man at the counter knows that he has to add two cubes of sugar for this tall dark guy who comes for morning coffee. I use a straw to stir the coffee, the froth, before I pierce it with a straw, looks so beautiful that I almost manage to convince my self of the sin I commit by not letting it be a virgin and stirring the beauty out of it. As I stir the golden brown froth swirls on the surface to become the shade of light brown, it accumulates into neat circular eddies, the thinning of it tells me of the two sugar cubes being put to good use. I take my first sip to feel the electric impulses travel through my nerves like water under pressure flowing through kinky pipes.

Come up and feel the sun,
A new morning has begun,
another day will make it clear,
why your stars should guide us here.

Mark Knofler, Sailing to Philadelphia

Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Secret Society Of Dead Poets!!!!

Well, for quite some time now Xaviers had a secret group od poet's, having poetry circle on saturdays... abt 1 pm.

Now, Khaliq Parkar, a TYBA student used to org. this particular meet and stuff.... but since the ithika and other stuff we havent had a poetry meet in months now. I just want to bring to notice that xaviers beign famous particularly for arts, it should be brought into notice that this poetry circle is very important from one point of view..... atleast it doesnt extend to the hour long patu lec's....... we have individual poems read and criticised.

I just want a vote on, does xaviers needs to build up such a hidden group and should the pupil who are or rather were a part this group try and expand it for the coming years?

Well, this wat i ask of all you ex but not ex- xavierites that should this poetry circle be non existent and become sublime over the ages like a bad nightmare.......

Your comments Count!!!
The Secret Society Of Dead Poets

this is NOT a personal blog young students

it has been brought to my notice that some of you are using this blog to post personal work such as poetry. may i remind you that this is a community blog, the said community being the St Xavier's College. so poetry, if any, should be restricted to college news.

those not complying with this shall have their posts deleted.

thank you

St. Xavier's College, Mumbai

St. Xavier's College, Mumbai

outta this world

some are born with beauty,
some create a beautiful world,
some figure how beautiful their life is
some are just outta this world.

many think they are superior,
many think they are more beautiful than others,
many think they can a life without 42,
many are just outta this world.

none think of others mostly,
none think of their destiny,
none think about the heavenly gifts by God,
none think of their 42,
none are outta this world.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Some Images of Xaviers

The first time I entered the Xaviers campus, I was mesmerised by the structure of the building.
The arches, the stone walls, the carvings on the columns, the wooden flooring, the winding stairwell, I still remember the feeling that came over me.

The last three years, that I studied [did I really?] here, were spent in appreciating the architecture.
Those morning classes in the windy 40's, scratching my head in Lr14, those discussions in Lr 02, the shoeing away of birds in the 30's and the joke cracking in the Ty Lab.

Given the wonderful buildings that Xavier's has, its truly a shame that most people are satisfied by taking pictures of the chapel from the first floor corridor, when there are so many nice things in Xavier's. [I am not referring to the female presence, but the various nooks and corners]

So here are some of the images of Xaviers. But let me warn you that all the pictures have not been taken by me.

1]The Woods!
when I first came, it was just a muddy ground with a few trees and a couple of benches, now it has changed a lot.

2] The Chapel from a different angle:

3] The garden & the volleyball court

4] The seemingly unending arches.

5] Sculptures on the columns:

6] The winding staircase, A.K.A. The Harry Potter staircase

7] The pathway going below the building.
In the background you can see the tunnel of love, while the foreground in inimitable Xavier's style, is named the 'foyer'

8]The notice boards along the corridors:

9] The Library building:

St. Xaviers College


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A New Day For Some New Part Of My Poetry!

Hoping this blog stays up for the test,
Although i have a feeling this one will be the best,
Whenever you pple miss xaviers the most,
Thats when this blog shall help you the most.

When time seems to bore you,
Just that this blog shall await you pple's presence,
For then will that day come,
When all Good Human shall we become.

Listen to this poem,
Take no offence of the rhyme,
Rest of the world then shall decline,
However best we shall be,
this all reminds me of one more Poetry

I like this blog already!!

wow. hey chitrak, brilliant idea! i love this blog. and also greetings to all the other members. i hope u guys who'r graddin this year will keep cmin back to this blog, with both updates and comments! TY ladies and gents, all the best for ur exams! sure u guys will kick rear! :) go xaviers blog!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Look, I am your Father...


Good Day to all of you students. I am Cyberfrasier, and as you may have guessed, it is I who will be your Blog Administrator for the next few years. I am not your enemy. I am merely a twisted cyber-version of your very own, Father Frasier, in your very own beloved college.

I will be watching you, so careful. Anything wayward and.......mwahahahaha.

Anyway students, now that we've had our little formal introductions, i'd only like to say, Happy Blogging.

Mr. Cyber Frasier.

PS Now running in halls, chomping on food, cell phones OR short skirts, well, mwahahaha..wait, cyber space doesn't have halls, food cell phones or any skirts. I suddenly feel my control slipping away. D***!

A story of a story

Found in the lending library of the St.Xavier's College when studying for my topology paper.

There was once a story
It ended before it's beginning
And began after it's end.

Its heroes entered it,
After their death,
And left it,
before their birth.

Its heroes spoke of some world of some sky,
They said all kinds of things,
Only they did not say,
What they did not know themselves,
That they were only heroes from a story

From a story that ends,
Before it's beginning,
And begins afer it has ended.

Vasco Popa
Translated by Anne Pennington
From the book: Poetry in the making
Author : Ted Huges

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The woods

Here is the last of the two post series about xaviers on my blog.

The "Woods" is a place adjoining the foyer and as a result has to contain the human spill that occurs in the breaks at xavier's. When I was in the first year(two years ago) the place was basically an open ground with four huge trees and a few shrubs, it stayed that way for such a short period of time that I hardly remember what the place first looked like. You can go across it to reach the offices, the xavier's institute of communication, and the boys hostel. What I will describe is what it looks like now. The mud on the ground has now been replaced by stone tiles with some space between them for grass to grow(they tried sowing some grass initially but attempts failed, so they have left the gaps to themselves.) One of the three trees was cut down as a part of the beautification of the place(they sliced the trunks into neat stumps and painted them with protective paint so that they could serve as stools, no other college has such stools in it's campus), there are two rocks just outside the chem lab, one fairly cubical and the other of the shape of a draggled bean bag . The three trees which stand in the woods(I dont know what they are called, but one of the has small leaves and the other two have leaves with wavy edges) are surrounded by circular flower and bush beds, these things are pretty wide leaving no place for any one to sit underneath the trees, but the bush beds and the places which are for people to sit form a nice mosaic of octagons which almost fills the woods. So you will have a octagon full of plants with leaves of alternating green and yellow and you will have red flowers with yellow pollen and you will have yellow flowers with the pollen not visible you will have bushes that form neat hedges and plants whose leaves are of the shape of a star, separated from another similar(well almost) octagon by a bridge like path that connects two octagons meant for sitting. (I must have the pictures from Dev) . Here too as in the foyer you will find couples cuddling each other and more beautiful girls, octagonal meetings of groups from all kinds of ideologies and play practices and hindustani music (not so much of guitar, that, only in the foyer). A lot of kaapi and tea and sandwiches, umbrellas, lousily dressed resident students and more beautiful girls.
I must share with you this moment which I experienced one morning while sipping black coffee over abstract algebra in the foyer. The morning sky was cloudy but did not look like it would rain, all of a sudden it was a torrent! I turned my gaze to the woods and looked at the million leaves there, as the drops began to fall on them they all quivered in a timeless rhythm ,yellow, green,spiked,round, all at once ,and they wouldn't stop.

The Foyer

I dont know of any other way to begin this, looks like I live in a choiceless universe.

The Foyer is a large open area adjoining the canteen where poeple are supposed to, well, socialise have food and drinks (No hard drinks). To cater to this purpose the foyer has lots of wooden chairs each of which are painted yellow (Making a few exceptions) and lots of comfortable benches. Now the benches can be classified into two types, the new ones which have a desk attached wiht he hope of bringing some study into the life of a xavierite, for after the foyer was made the xavierite could not stop socializing, eating and drinking and the process of a mass conversion of xavierites into foyerites had begun. By and large this conversion has succeded, the number of foyerites out numbers the number of xavierites in todays time. And the old ones are the more romantic ones made of plates of wood and wrought iron. These are extremely comfortable as they have curved back rests. You cannot as a xavierite imagine them without couples cuddling each other. The boundary of the foyer is lined by movable notice boards with all sorts of domestic and inernational announcements. It is extremely easy to organize talks, workshops, competitions in xavier's as all you have to do is post a notice on one of these boards and leave you cell phone number on it. In the morning you will find students sipping coffe (5 difftent types: Classic, Cappuchino, Moccachino, Black, Cold) Cold coffe is not avaliable in the morning. Or tea (Alteast 3 diffrrent types). Sudens can usually be seen completing journals or assignments or cuddling their girlfriends or boyfriends. People also read novels here. You might occasionally come accross a James Joyce fan on some yellow chair. The desks are filled with scribblings of all sorts. Crows are a distinctive feature of the foyer. They are significant in number. One of them is particularly note worthy, It is completely bald! it looks like a vulture, the xavierites call him the "culture" (the 'c' is to preserve it's identity of a crow). So the culture in xaviers has wings! How true! The ceiling is 20 ft high and yet some one has managed to stick a paper rocket by it's nose to it. In the afternoon the place is full of food soft drinks colourful clothes, comely figures and generous proportions,cleavages expensivecell phones, I-pods, Gituars, Message T-shirts (and pants, My favourite one had "tom" written on one leg and "harry" one the other),low rise jeans(dangerously low!) and a lot of noise. No college in mumbai can boast of a place where you can sit and sip on coffe and listen to the guitar.In here you come accross people singing hindustani classical or talking quantum mechanics or discussing Projective Geometry or existensialism or sociology or pol-science in this chaos.
Much remains to be described . But I will end here.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

St Xavier's Bombay Talking

Well folks, I don't know if we've had a community blog before, but we do now. Lets see how this goes and if it lasts.

As you all know, communication in Xavier's is a bit slow. Sure we all talk to our friends everyday, but if you want to get something done.....

Well that is what i hope this blog will be used for, communication. Not just the daily gossip(though it has its place) but also as a sign up spot for new clubs, a joint to spread info on events, and a place to compare beer from bar's all around town(No, seriously).

To join, first e-mail your class and roll no. to the administrator at xaviersblog@gmail.com or xaviersblog@hotmail.com.
Who is the administrator? I'll just let him(or her) introduce itself.:)

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