Tuesday, August 29, 2006

xaviers ANTHAS

Well, pple Anthas the gazhal program is coming up in Xavier’s and the prep's have already started.... heading in full speed ANTHAS features bit of poetry, your singing skills... and lots of fun. Last time our Hindi teacher Dr. Asha had invited the well known Kailash Kher, and this year is yet to be decided by her.
Well this doesnt have strict passes like The MALHAR, but its the one thats for those who like simple and oldies.... well olden golden moments, it makes you forget the past and the future and just majorly live the present and trust me you wont leave unsatisfied.
Until next time....

ps: its way better than himes songs

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


"culture of death"....!!!????!!! why did Fr. say THAT?

did you have fun this malhar?
and did you buy the raga?
and did you then fold it up,
and THROW it away?

but,did you have fun this malhar?

and why did you throw it?

oh and my ears are aching. 4 more of these and i will go deaf (random increase in volume in the LA lounge....TEXX!!!)

p.s- i liked malhar. noone stepped on my toes : )
and oh, people Do buy more than one raga in a day. ismile.

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Boys at Xavier's

Have a look at the following review at mouthshut.com

The Boys at Xavier's

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