Friday, July 28, 2006

candle stubs and tshirts in the wash

'everyone, wear white tomorrow'
'people wear black!'

so stuck. in mere symbolism. what are you so happy about? that candle did nothing. it made YOU feel good. content. satisfied.
'pallavi, how come you are not wearing black/white/pink/orange?'

i dont know why im not. maybe because ive forgotten. because, i get kicked again and again, and all i do is get up and go. start again. matchsticks in my hand.
and then all that ink. all that 'salaam mumbai'.....yeah im brave.
so brave. so brave. too brave to fight.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Heavy Floods Anniversary(A true journalist at Xaviers!)

Im new to this blog and vow Its really a day to blog about something.
Very few of us know the fact we were expected to wear white(though not impeccable) today in memory of all those who lost their lives last year due to the floods. Well Xaviers students (most of...) actually were ignorant or like me who could not find a decent white wear. The fun begins here.....

I was along with some of my friends from FJYC (Science-B) walking out of the campus due to a free lecture while suddenly a journalist knocked my friend and was asking her why some of our friends are wearing white t-shirts. I backed her saying its in memory of the floods and I had to callback my white-friends who had already walked ahead. He said he wanted to click a photo of those wearing white to be published in "The Week". ahaha! i was so stunned so the white t-'s grouped and clicked a photo.

Now what he did next was called both wearing white & non-white t-shirts together and made us act as if we were ignorant about a journalist around and clicked a photo. Now im wondering why he clicked the second photo,
Im just curious because I expect him to write something like
"At Xaviers, some students(those in white) care about the memory of lost one's while others(me & ...) are too ignorant or ......(you know what)"
I wish this guess isn't true LoL.... The only way to check this is to keep an update of The Week magazine, post in if you see Xavier studs around ;)

Post in your comments...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Song of Reynol

Expecting not more than a smile,
he waters the plants, picks out garbage and keeps the place clean.

flowers giggling at the tiklish water drops,
the earth looks graceful whilst soaked wet,
plants enjoying the cool wind,
and he waves to those passing by.

he waters all day long,
prolonging the greenary around,
enjoying it he smiles with those tearful eyes.

his brittle yet strong hands have been put to mother earths service,
he gets tired and a break he takes,
eats the breakfast his dear wife makes,
comes back and sees the sky in gloom,
finishes his work before noon.

he clears garbage with those old hands too,
he loves the earth clean and new,
he even scoulds to some loitring around,
gets back to his work without a sound.

he shoots me a stranghe look with those bullet shot eyes,
he recognises and smiles with no despise,
gets back to his work as if he never knew me,
talks to some with a smile,
my respect to his dedication and sublime mind.

he doesnt wish for you to stay,
he wishes not for you to go away,
just one look at his bullet shot eyes,
one could see others frown and despise.

then at late he rests on his bed finally,
this life he lives cannot get harder,
for "Reynol", our St. Xaviers Gardener.

cryptmaster............ Sry for the delayed post pple.... plz consider my apoligies.
until next time

Friday, July 07, 2006


a mini pond in front of the brand new GCR (gocker)
the bread lady jumped in twice....bits of mud and leaf, half a nail long now cling to those sequined bands and to her, skin.
men in blue circle around. ruminating...and then two thwok-thfooos. eddies, crimson and pink.
she jumps again. unaware. i tell her (spoilsport). a pink tongue and shut-up later she walks off, her toes playing that 2 inch piano.

mating rituals done in style. a revolving pigeon. a sparrow.

that lake now stands dried up. the woods arent flat after all. are they?

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