Friday, June 30, 2006

Toilet in violet - the new Xavier's loo

The loo blocks on the ground floor are back. With an explosion of the case of the 'ladies' loo.

All the space has been used in an optimum fashion indeed. And as of now, they are clean, but whether they stay so remains to be seen. The doors in violet, and they look OK but I still feel its the wrong shade of violet. Same goes for the pink tiles.

Another new feature is that there is something for every market segment (in this case, the market being ...toilet seat preferences), what with English, Anglo-Indian and Indian loos. English for those who're certifiably lazy to the extent of wanting to sit even in loos (!), Indian for the gals who don't subscribe to the theory of butt-bonding, and Anglo-Indian for those who are plain indecisive about anything and everything.

The washbasins are shinier, and they don't give you this impression of slush and other icky stuff ready to pour out of the pipes. The flushes work (hehe, isn't that great !). And the showers are sleek and not leaky cranks.

Last, but not the least, it's extremely well-lit and does not make you feel like you're entering some dingy sarkari assembly line.

After those horrible monstrosities that they called 'toilets' in the hostel, this really rocks !

Monday, June 26, 2006

White Lilies

The gaze over the light,
filtered by the chapel tint,
the eyes with the radiance so bright,
intoxicating the private stint.

Wet with the morning dew,
innocence pours through the ebony,
a fire of an old hue,
it does feed.

The shadows last,
convoluting so fast,
echoing the wishes,
of the spirits, within red bushes.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More News

Okay, from my last visit to the ol Alma Mater a few days back, I have some news(invariably outdated tho it may be):

1. Malhar CP-Gulrukh Mistry. OCs all chosen. OG application open for all but TEXX.

2.Changes- The BCR-GCR level is being used for the new BMS courses, but will be open for students. Staff room won't be shifted. Games room and Sports office merged with gym. LR02 becomes CR+BCR. Mess becomes GCR. Hostel grows smaller by one floor, meaning that only 60 students can stay as opposed to the previous 90. The Bio labs are divided for the new Bio-info course. The rest of the changes i have forgotten. All this from a notice outside the College office. Any corrections additions welcomed, provided that they are based on actual information(here's looking at you Anon).

Thank you, thank you very much!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Group Singing Contests

Ladies and gentlemen, here is something to remember about the upcoming competitions for Malhar, Kaleidoscope, etc:

When it comes to the group singing event, THINK BIG!!!! Acapella music has evolved so much from the time that i was in college. It's not only now about singing in 4 or 5's about percussion, vocal instrumentation, dual harmonies on different timings and sometimes just outright chaos that sounds perfectly in sync. Don't be content with just 'singing for the sake of singing'....sing to be the best you can.

So start practicing NOW!!! If anyone needs any help with putting up a show-stopping performance, just let me know. In the meantime, check out this vocal percussion site:

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