Friday, December 15, 2006

freddie boy

another one down...
why do they keep falling?
and i think as it fell it split one of the lil painted bits of extree into two.
im talking about the trees in the now we have 1 and a half trees. if i count the stooltrees. the first time i entered college, i read a sign that said something about a sericulture meet/workshop/something about to take place in the woods....and i tried to look for the woods. the poster was stuck on the wall to the right of the juice counter.
room no 62. i wanna see i wanna see....

i dont know whether im coming back. i hope too. i love it for its people.
have u tried to figure out what the rats are upto in those wall brackets. 3 rats. one cat. and a poppy bulb.

and the crane.
i remember seeing a inspirational-when-said-the-very-first-time message, scrawled onto the stone wall next to the library staircase. the one leading to the 30's. in chalk.
im not crying now that that whole section (gcr bcr counselling room) is gone....but the college seems smaller. less hoggy. warty. compact. reachable. line line.

and the 4 puris and aloo, extremely filling.
everytime i have a pastry i get all queasy. all those eminem spitting into food thoughts...bcos sometimes these thin threads of gummy clear stuff spring outta nowhere when u dig in.
maybe its a leeeetle beet auld.

love and all that buzz.
ukkkka (ok fine....aka. and i KNOW...let me pliss pliss...let me....)


At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so...err...who's freddie?


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